The high temperature testing cell was developed for performing real time x-ray micro-tomographic imaging of test materials under mechanical load (tension or compression) at temperatures up to 2300C in controlled environments (under vacuum or controlled gas flow.)  The system uses six infrared halogen bulbs with ellipsoidal reflectors to focus up to 900 watts of light on a 5mm dia sphere at the center of the sample volume.

Samples are held in grips at each end and loads of up to 500lbs (2.2kN) are applied by a ball screw attached to a geared stepper motor.  The load and displacement are measured using a strain gauges and an LVDT.  Active cooling is applied to the end of the sample and around the outer housing to maintain temperature stability.

X-Rays penetrate the assembly through a cylindrical aluminum window that is .010" thick - this window needs to be thin to allow the X-Rays to pass, but must also withstand the loading from the sample.