US 20110297755 A1- Prefilming atomizer :

A method of forming droplets comprises flowing a liquid through a channel; spreading the liquid into a thin film in the channel; and impinging the thin film with a flowing gas to atomize the liquid into droplets. The droplets may then be dried to produce dried particles, such as particles comprising a pharmaceutical active agent. The droplets formed by the disclosed process have improved size and/or size distribution characteristics.

US 20140161223 A1 - High-temperature strain cell for tomographic imaging:

This disclosure provides systems, methods, and apparatus related to the high temperature mechanical testing of materials. In one aspect, a method includes providing an apparatus. The apparatus may include a chamber. The chamber may comprise a top portion and a bottom portion, with the top portion and the bottom portion each joined to a window material. A first cooled fixture and a second cooled fixture may be mounted to the chamber and configured to hold the sample in the chamber. A plurality of heating lamps may be mounted to the chamber and positioned to heat the sample. The sample may be placed in the first and the second cooled fixtures. The sample may be heated to a specific temperature using the heating lamps. Radiation may be directed though the window material, the radiation thereafter interacting with the sample and exiting the chamber through the window material.



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